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Facade Cleaning and Impregnation  

We do facade cleaning of common houses as well as historical or listed buildings, from dust, dirt, paints and graffiti. According to underlay material and type of contamination we choose one of following technologies:

Mechanical cleaning

Rotary Jetting

We use grinding sand of different granularity with water fog. A wide range of grinding sand, from fine plastic granules to fine quartz sand, ensures a frugal way of facade cleaning. According to the test in the site we choose certain sand and right pressure so the original facade will not be affected. By using water fog the base is not moisted, so water-soluble salts are not activated or moved.

High pressure Facade Cleaning

 Removing old paints and dirt with the machine that uses rotary jetting located in rectangle exhaust part powered by water. This equipment works nearly without any pollution and environmentally friendly. We use this system mainly for facade cleaning, cleaning floors made from natural materials (except wood) and for graffiti removing.

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Chemical Cleaning

Chemicals with certain cooncentration are laid on the attacked surface which is afterwards peeled with a colour "stippling". It is used for graffiti in smaller areas. We can use cleaning gel on knurled surface. The surface is washed with hot water (under 60 oC) or water with high pressure.

Local chemical cleaning - with cleaning paste. It is very gentle for mineral basis (total removing of sulphate eschar etc.). Cleaning paste is specially developed for listed structures and is accepted by the care of Historic/Heritage Preservation.

Local Brick Piecing

- bricks completion by mortar restoring in requisite colour and hue

- mortar completion at areas where missing

Full-area Water-repellent Protection

Full-area Water-repellent Protection fair-face wall with easily spread cream silane - based.

Properties of water-repellent preparation-deep impregnation and long lasting effect.

Important properties :

- excellent ability of penetration

- optimal immunity against Alkali

- sinking absorbability

- high protection against freeze and thawing salt

- good tenacity

- Cream consistency so ensures the applicability without any loss

- rainfall immunity

- high diffusive permeability

We recommend the facade cleaning before reconstruction.




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