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Ways of paints and graffiti removing  

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Graffiti is connected with city culture and it is focused on grey concrete walls, subway, trains etc. It can be found on common houses and buildings as well and of course, sometimes historical buildings and listed buildings are attacked too.

Proved and effective form of battle against graffiti is prompt and persistent removing. It is suitable to apply an anti-graffiti impregnation.

Graffiti removing is technically very difficult. The way of applying and used paint has a big impact on removing as well as the material that was applied on. Total removing of graffiti depends on the possibility of removing painting component. A material of cleaning surface influences durability of drawings very much. The rougher, softer and more porous surface, the worse removing.

Ways of paints and graffiti removing

Mechanical graffiti removing

Mechanical removing is used for all paint layers when basis material is broken. This method cannot be used on listed buildings.

Chemical and physical graffiti removing

Chemical and physical removing e.g. breaking binding paint, in this method broken paint is removed easily with stippling or power water. The secret of success is choice of suitable agent for broken paint as well as the way of application and gentleness of the cleaning process.

Water jetting (abrasive cleaning) stricken areas with environmentally friendly cleaning agents - sand, crushed lime, dry ice, technical soda etc.


Graffiti removing from surfaces without impregnation is seven times more expensive. Temporary protective painting are made on  wax base, silicon, silicates, acrylate... Those layers are not only protecting material against graffiti but they hydrophobize the surface - protect against water. Graffiti removing from those surfaces is easier, cheaper and without a trace.


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